The 2020 Arnold Sports Festival Australia features the first

Arnold Classic World Taekwondo Championships[edit | edit source]

 March 20th – 22nd  Melbourne, Australia[edit | edit source]

The event is OPEN TO ALL TAEKWONDO PRACTITIONERS regardless of age, rank, nationality, style, gender or organization.

100% politics FREE[edit | edit source]

Tiny Tots, Pee Wees, Juniors, Teenagers, Adults, Veterans & Ambassador age categories

Traditional style (ITF), Olympic Style (WT/WTF) or Freestyle/Independents welcome

We have Events to cater for all styles

Come along and see the Terminator himself,  Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Arnold Classic Taekwon-Do World Championships events:[edit | edit source]

Sparring (WT style) – Individual & Team (3 ppl)

Sparring (ITF style) – Individual & Team (3 ppl)

WT Poomse – Individual, Pairs (2 ppl), Team (3-5 ppl)

ITF Patterns – Individual, Team (3-5 ppl)

ITF Traditional Sparring / Choreographed (2 ppl)

Self Defense Event (2-3 ppl)
Creative Forms

Weapons Forms

Special Needs[edit | edit source]

Individual Forms / Poomse / Patterns (SN)

Self Defense Event (2-3 ppl) (SN)

Creative Forms (SN)

Weapons Forms (SN)

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