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1958 test for 4th degree master's rank in Kang Duk Won. The test was supervised by Park Chul-Hee, the head of this kwan at the time. Park is seen in the center of the photograph.

Chul Hee Park later

Park in later life

Park, Chul-hee (1932 - 4 April 2016) was one of the two cofounders, along with Hong Jong Pyo, of the Kang Duk Kwan, one of the original Nine Kwans of taekwondo. Hong and Hee were students at Chang Moo Kwan but had personal conflicts with Suk Nam Lee and Kim Soon Bae, so in 1956 they left Chang Moo Kwan to open their own school - the Kang Duk Kwan - in nearby Shinsuldong, Seoul.