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Tae Kwon Do - Crane Stance

An ITF Bending Stance

The following stance is called a Crane Stance in Kukkiwon/WTF-style taekwondo and is called Bending Stance in ITF-style taekwondo.

The Crane Stance (hakdari seogi) is performed on just one foot.

  • The foot on the floor: the foot is flat on the floor with the knee slightly bent
  • The foot in the air: the foot is lifted to touch the opposite calf, with the knee bent.

If the standing leg was held with the knee straight, this would be called a Single Leg Stance.


Naming the Stance[]

This stance is named by the foot that's on the floor. So for example if you're standing on your left foot, it's a Left Crane Stance.

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