Dai Won Moon

MOON, Dai-won is known as the Father of Mexican Taekwondo. Moon was born January 19, 1943 in Hap Duk, a village 200km south of Seoul, Korea. Moon first studied taekwondo at age 14 under Ha Yong Chun. At 16, Moon earned his Black Belt. In 1962, he traveled to the United States to pursue a career in architecture. At age 20 he began teaching Taekwondo to fellow university students and enjoyed considerable success at tournaments. In 1968 he decided to turn his career to teaching martial arts; he opened the first taekwondo school in Houston, Texas. In 1969 he was invited to give a seminar on "Korean Karate" in Mexico. In May of that year he decided to settle in Mexico permanently and opened a Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo school.

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