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In Taegeuk Pal Jang, the Elbow Strike is not assisted by the off-hand.

An Elbow Strike is any strike made with the elbow.

  • Sometimes (such as in Taegeuk Oh Jang) the strike is performed with an assisting hand: the off-hand palm pushes on the fist of the elbowing arm, to provide the elbow strike with additional power.
  • Also in Taegeuk Oh Jang, we see a variation in which the off-hand palm is used as a target. This is an Elbow Target Strike.
  • In other cases (for example, in Taegeuk Pal Jang) the elbow strike is performed without an assisting hand.
  • The strike can also be performed upward, with the fist above the striking-arm's shoulder. This is seen for example in the form Joong-Gun.
  • The strike can be performed to the rear, making it a Rear Elbow Strike, as in the form Palgwae Pal Jang.
  • Both elbows can strike to the side simultaneously, as in the Double Elbow Strike seen in the forms Pyongwon and Sipjin.

Side Elbow Strike.jpg

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