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Four Directions (student view)

Four Direction Thrust (saju tulgi) is the name of a basic exercise in ITF-style taekwondo. The Four Direction Thrust is less commonly taught than the Four Direction Punch and the Four Direction Block; the Four Direction Thrust appears in General Choi's full 15-volume Encyclopedia but not in his Condensed Encyclopedia.

  1. Pivot 180 degrees to the left and then step back with the right foot into a right L stance (i.e., a back stance, left foot forward) facing C. Right rear elbow strike with the right-fist closed.
  2. Again stepping with the right foot, step the right foot back toward A to turn 90 degrees left into another right L stance. Right rear elbow strike again with a closed right fist.
  3. Repeat this movement again: step with the right toward toward D to turn 90 degrees into another right L Stance. Right rear elbow strike again.
  4. Repeat yet again: step with the right toward toward B to turn 90 degrees into another right L Stance. Right rear elbow strike.
  • Finish - bring the right foot back to a ready position.

There are 10 total movements in the pattern

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