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TaeKwonDo Front Stance and Walking Stance Tutorial

In the ITF Walking Stance, the front knee is bent slightly less than the WTF Front Stance

The following stance is called a Front Stance in WTF-style taekwondo and is called Walking Stance in ITF-style taekwondo.

WTF Style - Front Stance (also called Long Stance, Forward Stance, or ap kubi) is a stance in which the forward foot well in front of the rear foot

  • The front foot should be two-and-a-half foot lengths in front of the rear foot
  • The front foot points forward and the rear foot is turned outward about 25-30 degrees.
  • The front knee is bent so that the shin is perpendicular to  the floor. "If you can see your leading toes, your knee isn't bent enough."
  • The rear leg should be entirely straight, with the rear foot flat on the floor (no heel lift).
  • Two-thirds of the weight should be on the front leg

ITF Style - Walking Stance (gunnun seogi) - same as above, but:

  • The front foot should be one-and-a-half shoulder widths in front of the rear foot
  • The front knee is bent slightly less, so that the front kneecap aligns with the back of the heel below it
  • Weight should be evenly distributed among both legs

In this position there may be a temptation to lean forward, or to turn the hips somewhat, but the hips should be held forward so that the body is complete upright. If you push your hips forward as much as you can after you've placed your feet in the correct position, you'll probably be in a correct posture.

Front Stance.png FrontStance.jpg

Naming the Stance[]

When the left leg is forward, this is called a Left Front Stance, and vice versa for the right leg. In other words, the stance is named by the leading leg. (In contrast, as one example, the Back Stance is named instead for the trailing leg instead.)