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Chambering for the Hammerfist Strike - the striking fist moves upward from underneath the off-hand armpit

Hammerfist Strike in this Poomsae - Momtong Mejumeok Dollyo Chigi

The Hammerfist Strike in Taegeuk Oh Jang

A Hammerfist Strike (also called mejumeok naeryo chigi) is made by striking, usually downward, with the muscled portion of the fist. It is used, for example, in Taegeuk Oh Jang.

When peforming poomsae, chambering for this strike is done by bringing the striking fist down beneath the off-hand armpit. Often this is done by starting it on the opposite waist and bringing it upward to the armpit.

For example, if you were performing a Hammerfist Strike with your right hand, you would bring the right fist to the left-side waist then upward to the left-side armpit. Meanwhile, the off-hand arm (in this example, the left arm) is held bent in front of you. Imagine hugging an invisible tree trunk, your left arm is around the trunk, the right arm is likewise around the trunk but tighter-in, with the right fist underneath the left armpit.

After chambering, the striking fist is brought high upward and then downward in a striking motion, as if the whole arm were a hammer. The off-hand is brought back to the waist to provide the reaction motion.

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