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Hapkido (Hangul: 합기도; Hanja: 合氣道) is a Korean martial art that evolved from Japanese Jujutsu. Hapkido employs joint locks, grappling and throwing techniques, kicks, punches and strikes, and weapons training (knife, sword, rope, jool bong (nunchaku), cane, short stick (dan bong), and middle-length staff (joong bong)).

See the Wikipedia article Hapkido for more detail.

In terms of its influence on taekwondo, the influences of Hapkido are minimal. (Martial arts such as Shotokan Karate and Kung Fu had much more influence on the development of taaekwondo.) One area where Hapkido has had some influence on taekwondo however is in Taekwondo Weapons Training. For example, for those taekwondo schools that do teach weapons techniques (not all taekwondo schools do), some techniques involving the Dan Bong (also called Tahn Bong, or Short Stick) are adapted from Hapkido.song joong ki martial arts movie in hapkido 2020

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