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Rules of the Road[]

  • Avoid renaming other people's work, especially since most techniques go by many names. Instead, use REDIRECTs to reference the name you prefer.
  • When in doubt about how to name something, go with the name that you think is most commonly used (even if it's not necessarily the most technically correct name). The point is that you want people to be able to find the information you provide, and they can't do that if they're searching on the wrong phrases. In terms of correctness, use the main article as an opportunity to explain what the more technically correct name is.
  • Before you create a new page for a technique, make sure that that page doesn't already exist under another name. For example, if you're adding a Block, check the Blocks category to make sure it's not already created under another name.
  • Don't create a page that is just a collection of links or videos. People already know how to use Google and YouTube to find links. Instead, try to add real content when you create or edit a page.
  • Don't overload a page with too many pictures and videos. We all know there are hundreds of videos and hundreds of pictures for every technique. Just pick one or two good ones; and make sure they're fairly licensed.
  • Try to be style-agnostic where possible. This wiki is trying to represent all styles of taekwondo equally.
  • Don't assume that the way things are at your taekwondo school is the normal version of taekwondo.
  • It's okay to copy a bit from sources such as Wikipedia, but really...it's better to just link to that kind of content rather than copying it. Wikipedia is constantly being updated and we'd like to benefit from those updates, so linking is better than copying.
  • Unlike Wikipedia, you're not required to list authoratative sources on this wiki...but it's still very helpful to provide external links that provide back-up information for the content you've added. That having been said, we recognize that a lot of what's known about taekwondo is passed along from student to teach orally -- not everything has a written source.
  • Please create pages for only noteworthy information. For example, Do create pages for famous taekwondo practitioners; Don't create a page for your favorite taekwondo instructor or school unless there are some notable accomplishments to reference.
  • How to reference Korean names? Surname first? Given name first? It doesn't matter. List the name however you want, and then use a REDIRECT to show the alternative name.
    • Currently, most of the Korean names on this wiki are listed with the family name last, for what it's worth, and then within a page the name as shown as family name first. That way a search is more likely to find the page, no matter how the search is phrased.
  • Generally, refer to people by just their names. In most cases, it's not necessary to add titles ("Master", "Grand Master", etc.) since this reduces readability, and in fact doing so can create confusion since titles vary widely from federation to federation. This is the same guideline used on Wikipedia.
  • Have fun! This wiki will likely exist for years and years, and with your help, it could become a truly outstanding taekwondo reference.