Ho-Am Taekwondo (also called Tiger-Rock Taekwondo) is the style of taekwondo taught in Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International (TRMAI) schools. Like the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), TRMAI schools are independently owned and operated franchises of the TRMAI. Tiger Rock was founded by Bert Kollars, Craig Kollars, and Art Monroe.

Originally this style practiced slightly modified versions of the ITF-style forms (i.e, the Chang Hon forms) but in 2005 the ITA modified these forms even further. See, for example, the ITA version of Dan-Gun as compared to the ITF version: TRMAI schools now use a progressive form called Ho-Am. Ho-Am is the core form that all members use and perfect over their journey in Taekwondo.

ITA Version ITF Version

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