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Horse Stance Tutorial (Fighting Stance) Taekwondo for MMA & Kickboxing

An ITF-style Sitting Stance

The following stance is called:

The Horse Stance is also called Horse-Riding Stance, juchum seogi, or annun seogi. As the name implies, this stance is reminiscent of the shape of one's legs while riding a horse.

  • Kukkiwon/WTF-style: feet are placed about two shoulder widths apart
  • ITF-style: feet are placed about one-and-a-half shoulder widths apart

Both feet are pointed forward. Knees are normally deeply bent, outward from the body, though some schools require less bend. Weight is distributed evenly between both feet. Try to push the hip forward so that the torso is vertical.

Horse Stance.png HorseStance.jpg

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