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An early photo of students and instructors at Jidokwan

Jidokwan Chun-City

Jidokwan dojang in In-Chun City in 1968

Jidokwan 1969

Jidokwan dojang SE Kung Il in 1969

Jidokwan (or Ji Do Kwan) was the second name used by Yun Moo Kwan, one of the original Nine Kwans (martial arts schools) that was started in Korea after the end of the Japanese occupation of Korea at the end of World War II.

Yun Mu Kwan was founded by Chun Sang Sup who disappeared during the Korean War. After the Korean War, his students banded together to form Jidokwan (meaning the "Hall or Institute for Wisdom's Way"). Jidokwan was subsequently rolled up, along with most of the other Korean "kwans," into the newly systematized Korean national combat sport of "taekwondo" in the mid 1950s. When Taekwondo tournaments became active from the beginning of the 1960's to the 1970's, Jidokwan distinguished itself with its sparring results.

Jidokwan still exists in Korea today as a fraternal order which endorses the Kukkiwon martial arts system and supports the World Taekwondo Federation. There are still branches of the old Yun Moo Kwan style practicing today or, in some cases, using the "Yun Moo Kwan" name.