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How to Do a Jump Front Kick Taekwondo Training

A Jump Front Kick performed by the Kukkiwon Demo Team

A Jump Front Kick (also called Jumping Front Kick, twio ap chagi (literally, "jumping front kick"), or idan ap chagi (literally, "second-level front kick")) is a variation of a Front Kick.

  • The non-kicking leg first rises knee-high into the air. Then you jump using the kicking leg. This is form so that the non-kicking leg can give your body extra upward momentum, to increase the height of your jump.
  • Then while in the air, you perform a Front Kick. Typically you land on the non-kicking foot.The jump front kick requires flexibility to execute.

The Jumping Front Kick appears, for example, in the form Taegeuk Pal Jang.


Variations and Related Kicks[]