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Jung Do Kwan was founded in 1956 by Yong Woo Lee, and was the last of the original nine Kwans that went on to form the Kukkiwon-style of taekwondo.

An original student of the Chung Do Kwan, Young Woo Lee was advised by the current Chung Do Kwan president to choose a similar name to Chung Do Kwan, so he chose Jung Do Kwan:

"I wanted to open a dojang, but just couldn't think of any good names. At that time, my training buddy, UHM Woon Kyu in the Chung Do Kwan suggested to take out the dot from Chung character and name my school the Jung Do Kwan. This was a very good idea I thought. The meaning of Jung Do, 'Stepping the right way', was the identical meaning of a martial artist's spirit, so I've decided to name my school the Jung Do Kwan."

Back then the Jung Do Kwan's area was small. Word of Lee's unique training program attracted many students from other schools. To meet the increasing number of students, Lee taught five different classes often finishing late at night. With the school's motto, "I am an honorable man without shame", the Jung Do Kwan opened additional schools in Masan, Wool San, Chang Won, Mok Po and Kim Je

Young Woo Lee died in August 2006 in Seoul, Korea. Until his death, he remained active in the World Taekwondo Federation, and served on the Dan/Poom black Belt promotion committee of the Kukkiwon.

Taekwondo Jung Do Kwan still exists today, but only as a fraternal social friendship club. The official training curriculum endorsed by Taekwondo Jung Do Kwan is the Kukkiwon curriculum.