Jung Hwa Choi

CHOI, Jung-hwa is the only son of General Choi Hong Hi and is the president of one of the three International Taekwon-Do Federations, specifically the one headquartered in the United Kingdom. Choi was born in 1955 and began studying taekwondo when he was seven years old.

Choi Jung Hwa was born on Cheju Island, Korea on 22nd May, 1951 and has studied Taekwon-Do since the age of 7, not only under his father, but also under many high ranking and pioneering Taekwon-Do Masters during their visits and stays with General Choi. His earliest recollections of training are around the time General Choi was appointed as Korea’s Ambassador to Malaysia. Those early days were spent training on the lawn of the Embassy compound, as there were no dojangs established at that point. He grew up in an environment surrounded by Taekwon-Do due to General Choi’s hectic schedule and diligent work in spreading Taekwondo globally. Constantly surrounded by visiting high-ranking instructors, Choi Jung Hwa trained with many instructors during this period.

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He served many years on the ITF Executive Board and, later on, President Choi Jung Hwa would assist General Choi on many of his International Seminars throughout the world, and later would be appointed by the ITF to conduct these International courses on General Choi’s behalf.

All those who have had the privilege and opportunity to meet and train with President Choi have been immediately struck by his dynamic personality, charisma and awesome Taekwon-Do abilities. Administratively, President Choi held the post as Secretary General of the ITF for several years until elected as General Choi’s successor to the Presidency by the ITF members in 2001. Choi Jung Hwa was democratically elected as the President on the International Taekwon-Do Federation at the 2001 ITF Congress, to serve the next 6 year term as President. He humbly offered that General Choi should remain ITF President for the first 2 years of that term as to give him the opportunity to retire with dignity in 2003.


Unfortunately, General Choi Hong Hi passed away less than 12 months later. Such is his humility that he refuses to go by the earned title of Grandmaster, feeling that General Choi was the only true Grandmaster of Taekwon-Do, instead preferring to be referred to as simply President Choi, or Master Choi Jung Hwa.

Choi Jung Hwa was promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt in 2004, is the only son of the Founder of Taekwon-Do General Choi Hong Hi. He currently serves in the position of President of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, with it’s administrative headquarters in London, England.

In 1982 Choi was convicted in absentia in Canada on charges that he conspired to assassinate the president of South Korea (then a military dictatorship), Doo-Hwan Chun. Choi served his prison term in Canada and was barred from traveling to South Korea until 2004.

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