Knifehand Strike


A Knifehand Strike (also called sonnal mok chigi) is a strike in which the striking surface is the muscled base (the pinky-side) of the open hand. In contrast, a strike made with the thumb-side of the open hand is called a Ridgehand Strike.

Knifehand strikes are commonly made to the neck as with the Inward Knifehand Strike in Taegeuk Sam Jang. The open hand is first chambered to the side of the body, palm-down, the elbow may be slightly bent. The open hand is held mostly flat, with just a slight curve of the fingers "like the head of a cobra." The thumb is tucked into the palm so that it forms a 90-degree angle at the thumb joint. The striking arm is sweeps inward, arm held mostly straight, twisting to finish palm-up at the end of the movement, as if striking the opponent's neck with the muscled side of the hand.

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