WanJeonHan taekwondo is variation of traditional taekwondo that also incorporates Judo throws, weapons training, self-defense, and joint locks. The sponsoring organization for WanJeonHan-style taekwondo is the National Taekwondo Association (NTA, not to be confused with the National Taekwon-do Association or the United States National Taekwondo Association). Like the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), the NTA is a franchise organization, though with far fewer franchises.

In addition to its own unique forms, WanJeonHan also uses some forms from ITF Taekwon-do; this is one of those forms. For more information about this form, visit the main page: Kwang-Gae.

WanJeonHan Forms[edit | edit source]

The following forms are used in WanJeonHan Taekwondo:

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