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In some taekwondo schools (especially those associated with ATA-style takewondo, but also other styles of taekwondo as well), the school's Leadership Team is a group of students selected by the instructors usually to assist with the instruction. Selection into the leadership team is often based on:

  • The quality of the student's martial arts skills (e.g., the student might not yet be a Black Belt, but he or she might still show a lot of expertise in forms, breaking, or sparring)
  • The quality of the student's teaching ability (the student might have demonstrated good aptitude for helping other students learn)
  • The student's general attitude (i.e., good leadership attributes)

For schools that have a Leadership Team, members of the Team are often allowed to wear special uniforms or patches that denote their leadership status. Some schools will also have special classes for the Leadership Team. Especially during classes that are crowded with many students, members of the Leadership Team might be asked to assist with instruction (for example, holding targets for practice, or demonstrating a technique to other students).

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