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Low Stance

A Low Stance (also called oebal seogi) is like a Front Stance except that it is even longer and lower. The front foot is about 2.5-3 shoulder's width in front of the rear foot.

The advantage of this stance is the ease with which one can extend the attacking tool. It can also develop the leg muscles and is effective to adjust the distance to and from the target.

  • Move one foot to either the front or the rear at a distance of 1.5 shoulder widths between the big toe of the rear foot and the heel of the front foot, and 1 shoulder width apart from the centre of each instep.
  • Bend the front leg until the knee cap forms a vertical line with the heel, extending the opposite leg fully
  • Body weight even on both feet
  • Keep the toes of the front foot pointing forward, the opposite foot 25 degrees outward.
  • Tense the muscles of the feet with the feeling of pulling them toward each other
  • When the right leg is bent it is a right stance, and vice versa
  • Full facing or half facing