Taekwondo Wiki

Guidelines for Adding Media to this Wiki

When adding videos, diagrams, photos, or other media to this wiki, how do you decide which photos or videos to use? Here are some guidelines to consider:

Licensing - of course first and foremost, make sure that we're not violating somebody's copyright, or that we're on the correct side of Fair Use considerations.

"Fair Use" generally means small excerpts, for instructional use, that doesn't detract from the copyright holder's ability to derive revenue from his or her copyright. That means don't copy other people's work wholesale, but often a small quotation or excerpt is okay.

Authority - as a general rule-of-thumb, a slightly grainy video from an authoritative source should probably be preferred over a high-quality video from a non-authoritative source. As an example, the Kukkiwon poomsae videos are low-resolution, but the taekwondo techniques shown are by-definition correct. Generally speaking, authority trumps video-quality.

We can make exceptions to the above rule if the quality and accuracy of the non-authoritative video is much better than the authoritative video. These are just guidelines, not rules.

Clarity - if you can't find an authoritative source, then the next-best consideration is finding media with good clarity: high-resolution videos or photos where the technique is explained well.

The whole point of putting photos and videos here is to educate. So for example a video that performs a pattern very slowly (even if slowness is not technically correct) may be a terrific video to use: the slowness is helping to make the video more clear.

Brevity - a 2-minute video is generally going to be preferred to a 10-minute video. Of course there are exceptions, but when you can't decide between which of two excellent videos to use, it's generally not a bad idea to go with the shorter video. More people are more likely to watch it all the way through if it's short.

One Video is better than Many Videos - Of course there are a thousands upon thousands of taekwondo photos and videos on the Internet. We don't want to clutter up each wiki page with a bunch of redundant photos and videos though. Try to find just one or two good ones, and just use those. The guidelines above describe what "good ones" means.