Michael L. Hadsall is the founder of Traditional Taekwon-Do International (TTI). Hadsall holds the rank of 9th Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do, 8th Degree Black belt in Moosul Kwan Hapkido, 7th Degree Black Belt in Hae Shim Soo Do, (Traditional Korean Sword), 4th Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, and is a Level 3 Certified Instructor in CQC, Modern Combatives. He also holds rank in several other Martial Arts, is a published author, has been featured in, and has had articles published in several Martial Arts magazines published worldwide. He has produced many Shim Soo Do Videos from Care and Maintenance to techniques and patterns.

From the TTI website:

GM Hadsall has sponsored, produced, and served as both referee and corner judge in several tournaments. He began studying the Martial Arts in 1964 from Robert Barnes in the art of Aikido. He also trained under Mu Duk Kwan Black Belt Jack Peters and holds rank in both of these styles. He received his 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate from Bob Vale in 1970, his 4th Degree in June of 2018. His first Instructor in the art of Taekwon-Do was David L Wood, and shortly after receiving his 1st Dan in 1972, he began training directly under Grand Master, (then a 4th Dan ITF Master), James S. Benko in Taekwon-Do and was one of the first Black Belts in the Midwest Taekwon-Do Association, later to become the International Taekwon-Do Association. He opened his first Dojo in 1972, in Davison Michigan teaching both TKD and Shotokan Karate. Grand Master Hadsall is a member of the “ World Head of Family Sokeship Council”. He was Promoted to 9th Dan Grand Master Instructor in Sept. of 2016. He has also respectfully refused to accept membership in several "Halls of Fame". Over the years he has had many nominations and offers to become listed in such bodies, and has always refused, believing most are just money generating institutions that have little value in the martial arts community. Grand Master Hadsall received his "Doctor of Humanities" Ph.D in November of 2016.
He is the Founder, President and Chief Grand Master Instructor of the Traditional Taekwon-Do International™, Inc A Corporation registered in the state of FLorida as Tax Exempt and also hold a 501(C)3 status with the U.S. Fed. IRS, as a charitable operations Corp.
GM Hadsall has opened and operated Taekwon-Do Dojangs in Michigan, Ohio, Mississippi, and Florida. He currently serves as Head Instructor of the "Venice Christian Taekwon-Do School”, and the “Venice Christian Hae Shim Soo Do School” - both located in Venice Florida where together they serve as the TTI™ International Headquarters . He is also Chief Master Instructor to the Belize Defense Forces at Price Barracks, (Belize) where the TTI™ “Special Forces BDF Training Institute, Belize” is located. Regular BDF Forces, BSAG Special Operations Personnel, Seal Teams, Coast Guard and Police Constables train there in Both Traditional Taekwon-Do and Close Quarters Combat. Each year G M Hadsall Brings a select contingent of TTI Instructors to Belize to participate in both training of Uniformed Military Personnel and to participate in “AT Risk” youth Summer camps, teaching Taekwon-Do and youth self defense. Taekwon-Do is taught by GM Hadsalls Organization, (TTI™) to BDF new recruits (mandatory training) Every year.
In January of 2015, He and his wife, Dr. Patricia A. Hadsall, Founded the “Traditional Taekwon-Do International™ ” organization, with Affiliated, Schools in several states, Belize, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The TTI Patch he designed and started his first Dojang with, and has been worn by every student at every school since 1972 - was adapted as the Official TTI™ organization Patch in January of 2015. Grand Master Hadsall has Been teaching for almost 48 years.

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