T7 OutwardBackfistChamber

Chambering for an Outward Backfist Strike

T7 OutwardBackfist

An Outward Backfist Strike in Taegeuk Chil Jang

An Outward Backfist Strike (or deungjumeok bakkat chigi) is a strike that's made with the backfist, at about head-height, with the fist moving from the center of the body outward in a horizontal motion. The Outward Backfist Strike is used, for example, in Taegeuk Chil Jang.

The striking fist is chambered at the opposite shoulder, then brought outward in front of the body, as if to strike the opponent in the temple of the forehead.

This strike should not be confused with the Backfist Side Strike, which is also made to the side of the body, but with a vertical motion so that the striking arm is pointing upward at the end of the strike.

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