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Outward Knifehand Strike in Koryo


Taekwon-Do Lesson 7 Knife-Hand Side Strike

An Outward Knifehand Strike is a knifehand strike in which the arm moves from the center of the body outward to strike the neck of the opponent with the knifehand, palm-down.

The Outward Knifehand Strike is used, for example, in the forms Dan-Gun and Koryo. Note that Koryo uses both Inward and Outward strikes. The difference between and Inward and and Outward knifehand strike is:

  • For an Inward strike, the hand finishes palm-up. The arm travels inward to the center of the body.
  • For an Outward strike, the hand finishes palm-down. The arm travels outward from the center of the body.

In Do-San, the strike is performed to the side of the body, hence the name Knifehand Side Strike.

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