Pablo Trajtenberg

Pablo Trajtenberg is the president of one of the three International Taekwon-Do Federations, specially the one headquartered in Spain.

Trajtenberg took up taekwondo in 1968. His Teacher was Nam Sung Choi, one of the taekwondo pioneers in Argentina, who had arrived one year earlier in 1967. Trajtenberg obtained his black belt degree in 1971. In 1977 Trajtenberg gave up his university studies for good, only one year short from graduating as an electronic engineer, with the goal of devoting himself full-time to the teaching of taekwondo. In 1980 he opened the “Centro Argentino de Taekwon-Do” with Héctor Marano.

In 1993 Trajtenberg concluded the translation of the condensed Encyclopedia into Spanish, following the guidelines and corrections from Choi Hong Hi.