Tae Kwon Do - palm body block

Tae Kwon Do - palm body block

Note: Some Palmheel BlocksPressing Blocks, and Pushing Blocks have similar-sounding names, but they are very different blocks.

ITF-style and WTF-style taekwondo both have blocks called Pressing Blocks, though they are somewhat different from one another.

ITF StyleEdit


An ITF-style Pressing Block

A pressing block (also called a Palm Pressing Block) is executed against a low attack only. This technique is used only when the defender wishes to check, rather than break the attacking foot. The palm, twin palm, forefist, and X-fist can all be used as blocking tools.

When blocking with the palm, this block is always accompanied by a palm upward block and executed from a walking or low stance. Not only is it good for muscle and breath control exercise, but it can block two targets simultaneously. Keep both elbows bent slightly outward while blocking. The instep is the only target for pressing.

Note: The ITF-style Pressing Block uses both palms during the block. This distinguishes it from a WTF-style Palmheel Block, which uses only one palm.

WTF StyleEdit

A Pressing Block (also called nulleo makgi) is any block performed by pressing downward with the hand, as if to deflect an incoming block to the stomach downward. As an example, in Taegeuk Sa Jang, some schools interpret the downward motion of the hand in the Supported Spearhand Thrust as being a Pressing Block. In other words, you perform the Spearhand by first pressing downward, then using the downward hand as the supporting hand for the thrust.


Related TechniquesEdit

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