Tae Kwon Do - Scissor block

Tae Kwon Do - Scissor block

SB ChilJang

A Scissors Block in Taegeuk Chil Jang

Scissors Block (also called gawi makgi) is a combination of a Low Block with a Palm Up Outside Block (i.e., Inner Forearm Outside Block). One arm is blocking downward while the other arm is blocking outward (not upward, as the name might imply). The two arms pass each other in a scissoring motion.


Chambering Edit

  • Chamber for the Low Block as normal, with the base of the blocking fist touching the opposite collar.
  • Chamber for the Outside Block as normal, with the blocking fist at the opposite waist, in this case palm down so that the wrist can rotate through the block to finish palm-up.

In other words, the backs of the fists are facing each other for the chamber.

Scissors block chamber

The Block Edit

To the extent that the torso is twists to power this block, the torso twists in the direction of the Outside Block. So for example if the right arm is performing the Outside Block, the torso first twists slightly leftward as part of the chamber, then twists rightward to power the Outside Block.

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