A Single Mountain Block in Taegeuk Pal Jang

A Single Mountain Block (or wesanteul makgi) is performed as follows:


  • The feet are positioned ike a Front Stance. The feet are parallel with one another, but turned slightly (rather than pointing straight ahead).
  • One fist is chambered down to the waist, palm facing downward. The other fist is chambered up the shoulder, palm facing upward, as with a Low Block. In other words, the backs of the chambered fists are facing each other.

The Block:

  • The low fist is brought upward and out, so that the fist is head-high with the elbow bent
  • The high fist is brought downward to the side
  • The head is turned toward the low fist

The Single Mountain Block appears, for example, in the form Taegeuk Pal Jang. The Single Mountain Block should not be confused with the Diamond Block, which can look somewhat similar. (In a Diamond Block, the raised arm is performing a conventional High Block above the forehead, not a high block to the side of the body.)


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