SKS SaJang

A Swallowform Knifehand Strike in Taegeuk Sa Jang


Presumably the name "Swallow Form" derives from the fact that the combined hand movements give a "swept-back" look, like a swallow's wings.

A Swallowform Knifehand Strike (also called a Swallowform Strike, High Knifehand Front Strike, or jebipoom mokchigi) is simply a combination of an Inward Knifehand Strike performed simultaneously with a Knifehand High Block. It is seen, for example, in the forms Choong-Moo and Taegeuk Sa Jang.


  • For the knifehand strike, the open hand is first chambered to the side of the body, palm-down, the elbow may be slightly bent. The open hand is held mostly flat, with just a slight curve of the fingers "like the head of a cobra." The thumb is tucked into the palm so that it forms a 90-degree angle at the thumb joint. 
  • For the knifehand block, the other open hand is chambered down at the opposite waist, palm-up. 

The Strike:

The striking arm issweeps inward, arm held mostly straight, twisting to finish palm-up at the end of the movement, as if striking the opponent's neck with the muscled side of the hand.
Simultaneously, the blocking arm sweeps upward, twisting to finish palm-up, just like a normal High Block (i.e., Upward Block).

Swallow Strike

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