Taekwondo Wiki

There are a ton of great websites out there that provide all kinds of useful information about taekwondo. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Taekwondo Preschool - "The premiere learning guide to the art of taekwondo."
  • Taekwondo Animals - "Whether you are a Taekwondo beginner or a Taekwondo black belt, Taekwondo Animals provides you with free information on Taekwondo forms, sparring, stretching, kicks, self-defense & much more."
    • For many years this has served as the most comprehensive English-language reference on the Internet.
  • Black Belt Wiki (taekwondo section) - "Learn about Taekwondo Techniques, Forms & Patterns, Terminology, etc."
    • Like this Wikia website, this is a wiki for taekwondo as well as many other martial arts.
  • Taekwondo Information.org - "Helping you grow through martial arts"
  • Taekwondo Guide.com - "Serious Student, Serious Taekwondo"
  • Blue Cottage Taekwon-Do - "Your source for Chang-Huhn patterns" - a great reference for ITF-style information
  • World Taekwondo Federation website
  • Kukkiwon website - "The center of taekwondo culture." Note that their techniques page starts here. Kukkiwon's online encyclopedia is here.

Gone But Not Forgotten[]

A number of enthusiasts have put together great taekwondo websites over the last few years; some of these websites have since stopped publishing. 

  • Poomsae.me - "Taekwondo with little blue robots," the source of the WTF-style poomsae diagrams on this wiki (you can also download the PowerPoint version of these diagrams from there)
  • Martial You (taekwondo section) - "It's already there, unleash your potential"
  • School of Martial Arts
  • Taekwondo Bible - "Here you can get the essence of taekwondo."
    • This website was originally developed in Korean but is translated into English.

Online Forums[]

YouTube Channels[]

Here are some of the more noteworthy YouTube channels (noteworthy because they create original content, rather than just re-posting other people's content).