Taekwon-Do Stances (Part 1)

Taekwon-Do Stances (Part 1)

The first of 3 nice videos summarizing ITF-style stances.

KKW WTF Stances

Technical guidelines for Kukkiwon/WT-style stances

See Category:Stance for a complete list of stances included in this wiki.

Taekwondo employs a number of stances depending on the situation. Most of these stances are used for forms or poomsae but some are used for kicking and sparring. Stances are generally referred to as open if the legs are apart and closed if the legs are touching. Stances are defined primarily by the position of the feet, but leg, arm, hand and torso position are also often considered part of the stance. In some cases, especially where the position of the hands is key, the stance may be called a posture (for example, in the Overlapped Hands Posture).

When doing forms, especially in competition, the correct stance is considered fundamentally important. World Taekwondo and International Taekwondo Federation stances are similar but vary slightly. For example, in WTF Taekwondo the Attention stance has both feet pointed straight forward, while in ITF Taekwondo the feet are at an angle. Individual schools within these larger organizations may also vary slightly in their teachings.

Stances Edit

See Category:Stance for a list of taekwondo stances.