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Encyclopedia of Taekwon-do

Book Title: Encyclopedia of Taekwon-do

Authors: Choi Hong Hi

Taekwondo Style: ITF Taekwondo

ASN: B008UAO292

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Encyclopedia-Taekwon-Do-Complete-Volume-Set/dp/B008UAO292

Summary Recommendation: This 15-volume encyclopedia has not been in print for many years, though used copies can still be found for about $500. This is the original reference written by Choi Hong Hi himself.

Downloadable PDF Versions[]


The Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do is a 15 volume set originally written by General Choi Hong Hi in the 1983, the latest edition being from 1999 (later editions have been published, but the 1999 editions were the last General Choi Hong Hi was directly involved with). This comprehensive work contains 15 volumes with volumes 8 through 15 dedicated to the 24 patterns and containing descriptions of the pattern movements as well as pictures showing possible applications of some of the movements. There is also a one-volume Condensed Encyclopedia available.

Prior Works[]

Prior to this Encyclopedia Of Taekwon-Do, Choi published several smaller work:

Taekwon-Do: A Textbook For Basic & Advanced Students (1972). this ran through several editions before being replaced in the mid-80's by the Encyclopedia.

Taekwon-Do: The Korean Art Of Self Defence (1965). This book was the first english language book on Taekwon-Do. In this manual Taekwon-Do's Karate roots are still prominent and it includes Karate forms alongside Taekwon-Do patterns. there are many noteable terminology differences as many terms were borrowed from Karate while Taekwon-Do was still in development. there are only 20 TKD patterns in this book as the others were not developed yet.

Taekwon-Do Teaching Manual (1959). This manual was written in Korean and Chinese and is very rare. At the time of publication Taekwon-Do was still really Karate. 5 Taekwon-Do forms are listed in this book alongside 20 Karate forms.

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