Tournament Management Software is software that's intended to help tournament organizers set-up, host, and manage tournaments and registrations more easily. Some examples of such software systems are listed below.

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All Tournament Pro Edit

All Tournament Pro is actually a general-purpose product for all types of tournaments (softball, basketball, soccer, etc.) that also supports martial arts tournaments. It's very full-featured. Among its more unique features is the ability to estimate match-times and deconflict competitor schedules to ensure that a single competitor isn't scheduled to compete in two events at the same time. In addition to handling competitor registration, All Tournament Pro is also strong in terms of event-day features, such as ring-side scoring and display of match results.

Cost: $20 up-front fee, plus $4 per competitor ($3 from the competitor, $1 from the tournament organizer).

Kihapp Edit

Kihapp is another full-featured product that handles everything from online registration to bracket making and certificate printing.

MAT Action Edit

MAT Action is a cloud-computing-based software system that's intended to provide real-time management of tournament data (especially using tablet computers such as iPads and Android tablets), so that for example a person can register a walk-in competitor at the front door using an iPad, and have that competitor's data show up in real-time out on the competition floor on iPads being used by scorekeepers. 

While most Tournament Management systems have websites that are mobile-device compatible, MAT Action's strength is that it provides downloadable apps to your tablet or smartphone for tournament management.

MAT Action includes the SmartReg component for competitor registration. SmartReg is an online tournament registration and payment processing system that displays to competitors only the divisions they are eligible to compete based off their criteria.

Cost: MAT charges a fee of $5 directly to competitors at the time of registration.

Register for TDK Edit

Description TBD

Smoothcomp Edit

Smoothcomp is a Web-based platform for organizing tournaments for a variety of martial arts and combat sports. It handles:

  • Athlete registration, athlete payments, discounts and refunds, late fees
  • Bracketing
  • Event scheduling
  • Scorebording
  • Publishing competition results

The drag-and-drop user-interface is optimized for both tablets and laptops. Athletes and spectactors can use any Web-enabled device to view results and upcoming events. Schools can perform bulk-registrations for large groups of students. 

Cost: €1 per competitor

SnapKick Edit

SnapKick is a tournament registration system. It accepts both cash and credit-card payments. It supports the export of competitor data to Microsoft Excel. It also supports management of divisions, and printing of pre-filled division scoring sheets. 

Sportdata Event TechnologyEdit

Sportdata Event Technology...description TBD

Strongvon Edit

Strongvon...description TBD


TaekoPlan is an older PC-based system (i.e., not Web-based).


TKDConnect is a new web based system that is growing fast. It provides features to competitors, event hosts, and coaches.

Competitors can register for events, track and manage registrations.

Coaches can track and manage their competitor's registrations.

Event Hosts can view, track, and manage registrations in real time. They also have access to Credential printing and Bracket Printing. Local event brackets are organized to evenly distribute byes between schools and make sure competitors from the same schools do not compete against each other in the first round.


Tomato is an older PC-based system (i.e., not Web-based).

TournamentTiger Edit

TournamentTiger is a software service that looks like it is very full-featured.

TournamentTiger is a cloud-hosted service that is accessible from any computer, tablet, or phone using your web browser. This makes participant registration and tournament management activities such as bracketing, scoring, awards, and holding area management very accessible.

One key benefit of TournamentTiger is that it is very configurable. This allows a tournament host to define all different sorts of events, even non-standard events that may be specific to their school. It then uses this information during the registration and bracketing process. This helps to ensure participants are providing good information during registration and that they are only registering for events in which they are eligible to compete. This quality data assurance helps make the bracketing process much simpler and more reliable as well.

Being an online service makes changing information or adding new participants very easy as well, even on the day of the tournament. For example, lets say you have a participant checking in the day of competition, and he notices that he accidentally chose the wrong belt rank when he registered. This data can be fixed on the spot, including correcting divisions and printing a new badge, even if these tasks are handled by different people running your tournament. All data changes are automatically visible everywhere.

Pricing for TournamentTiger depends on the specific package of features you wish to use, but they are all based on a percentage of revenue charged through the system. Online credit card processing is included in the service. This makes it easy to get signed up with very low upfront costs and allows you to fund your service as registration revenue is earned.

Feature summary: online participant registration, store system, configurable bracket generation, configurable scoring system, automatic division results, holding area management, printable award certificates, participant badges / wristbands, etc.

TourneyReg Edit

  • Website:


WiredMA (Wired Martial Arts) Edit

WiredMA  is an online tournament management system which allows tournament organisers to plan, promote and host martial art tournaments.  Competitors/Instructors/Parents can register and pay online.  The tournament organiser can monitor the entries in real time and then print the automatically generated draw sheets (brackets) for the big day(s).

Comparison of Products Edit

The table below is a "first draft" for comparing the above products. It provides only the information listed on each product's website. In other words, the table is not based on hands-on experience with the products (yet). As of this writing, blank cells don't mean that the product does not have that feature; blank cells simply means that no information has been provided about that feature. If you have experience with any of these products, please help Taekwondo Wiki by adding additional information.

All Tournament Pro Kihapp MAT Action Smoothcomp SnapKick

Sportdata Event Technology

Strongvon TaekoPlan TKDConnect WiredMA
System Type
For Web-based systems: the event database can be downloaded for offline use YesYes
Web-based Systems
System is hosted on an already-provided websiteYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
System provides a webpage for describing the event detailsYesYesYesYesYes
System promotes the event over social mediaYesYesLimited
System provides a Web widget to promote the tournament on other Web pagesOn demandYesYes
Systems uses downloadable apps (rather than mobile-friendly Web pages) for tablets and smartphones, to manage the tournamentYesNot yet (7/21/2016)
Competitor Registration
System allows competitors to register for the tournament onlineYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Competitors can easily sign-up using computers YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Competitors can easily sign-up using tablets and smartphonesYesYesYes
System provides a toll-free support phone number for competitors experiencing registration problems YesKnowledge base
System allows competitors to enter their school affiliationYesYes
System allows organizer to configure a list of pre-defined school affilations for competitors to pick fromYesYes
For team events, the system has an approach for keeping track of which competitors are on which teamsYesYes
System allows organizer to easily manipulate (copy, past, edit, etc.) and add competitor information manuallyYesYesYesYesYes
System can print offline registration forms for competitors who don't have Web access
Athlete Payments
System accepts credit cards so competitors can pay for tournament onlineYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
System accepts international credit cardsYesYesYes
System easily handles day-of walk-in registrationsYesYes
System easily handles cash payments for day-of walk-insYesYes
System easily handles discount codes for competitorsYesYes
System provides "upsale" feature for selling tee-shirts and other accessoriesYes, basic config possibleYes
Registration fees are handled with two transactions (one to the system, one to the organizer) YesNo
System provides financial detail and summaries (total fee revenue so far, payment types, etc.) YesNot yet (7/21/2016)Yes
Divisions and Bracketing
System provides a pre-made default set of division organizations based on weight, age, gender, rank, etc.YesYes (different templates for several sports)Yes (organisation defined)
System allows event organizer to create or edit division organizations based on weight, age, gender, rank, etc.YesYes
System automatically shows online registering competitors only the divisions they're eligible to compete inYesYes
System automatically generates division listsYesYesYesYes
System allows manual manipulation of divisions (split, merge, etc.)YesYesYesYes
System can easily print division detailsYesYesYesYes
System automatically generates bracketsYesYesYesYesYes
System automatically generates match timesYesYesYes
For competitors competing in multiple events, system supports schedule deconfliction to make sure one competitor doesn’t have to be in two events at the same time YesNot yet (7/21/2016)Yes
Bracket options include single elimination, double-elimination, round-robins, and other optionsYesYesYes
System allows manual editing of bracketsYesYesYes
Brackets can be seen onlineYesYesYes
Brackets are easily printedYesYesYesYes
Event-Day Features
System easily prints ring-side scoring sheetsOn demandYesYes
System supports ring-side scoring using computers, tablets, or smartphonesYesYes
Systems integrates with Daedo TrueScore systemNoYes
Systems integrated with Adidas Combat systemNoYes
System calculates match results for individual eventsYes
System calculates match results for team eventsYes
System allows easy manual editing of event resultsYesYesYes
System can display match results on large-format displaysYesYesYes
System can display "who's up next" information on large-format displaysYesYesYes
System integrates with ASL scoreboard systemNoYes
System integrates with Budoscore Netherlands scoreboard systemNoYes
System can easily display match results in real-time on tournament websiteYesYes
System can automatically generate tournament result reports for distribution to news mediaYesYes
System can print winners' certificatesYesNo
Other Features
System can output competitor information to other formats, such as ExcelYesYesYes
System supports easily notifying competitors of event changes (e.g., "email blasts" to competitors)YesYesYesYes
Email-blasts can easily be sent to just specific subsets of competitorsYesYes
System keeps track of prior-year competitors, so that prior-year competitors don't have to re-enter all their information when they register this yearYesYes
System can compare this-year event details to prior-year event details (for example, number of competitors, which competitors are returning, which winning competitors are returning, etc.) Not yet (7/21/2016)YesYes
System provides real-time messaging among event officials during the event YesNot yet (7/21/2016)

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