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Hi!  My name is Jim, I'm the administrator of this wiki. I'm also the author of  Much of the content that I've contributed to this wiki started out as my own personal study notes for myself and my son. I'm not an expert in taekwondo...far from it...but I'm pretty good with wikis. I've also contributed a fair amount to Wikipedia under the username TrueJim.

When I took over this wiki in the Spring of 2014, it had been dormant for a number of years. It did, however, already have 86 articles on it. Props to the early contributors: JDStew, Kodang1, MartialArtist, Mongst, TKDGirl and others for getting this wiki started.

Those folks appear to have been primarily ITF folks. I study Kukkiwon/WTF taekwondo, but just as was their original intent, I'm trying to make this wiki be style-agnostic.

I live in Sterling, Virginia, USA. My son and I study at

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