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Young Il Kong

KONG, Young-il (born 1943) is a South Korean master of taekwondo and one of the twelve Original Masters. Following a career in the South Korean military, he emigrated to the United States of America in the late 1960s.

Kong was born in 1943 in Korea, during the period of Japanese occupation. He began training in martial arts in 1952, starting with Shotokan karate. Kong won a scholarship to study at Kyung Hee University, and while in its Physical Education College, was required to train in judo. From 1963–1967, he served in the South Korean army, attaining the rank of Sergeant. Kong trained in taekwondo under Choi Hong Hi and Nam Tae Hi.

Kong moved to the United States of America just before or in 1968. He and his younger brother, Young Bo Kong, founded the Young Brothers Taekwondo Associates in 1968, which is now located in Houston, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh.

Kong was promoted to the rank of 9th dan in 1997 by H. H. Choi in Poland.